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Our Chiropractic, Chiropractor Philosophy

Optimal Health Chiropractic, Broomfield Colorado


Dr. Chris has a proactive view on health care and believes we should do everything in our power to prevent disease processes in the body before they begin.  Dr. Chris feels strongly that if we are going to improve our health as a nation, it is important that we expand our approach and methods of maintaining health and preventing disease. Emphasis must shift from a "symptomatic" model of treatment to a "holistic" approach.


With that approach and the philosophy of individual responsibility in maintaining one's health, we can improve on our success at treating preventable disease rather than maintaining our current and costly emphasis on treatment provided at the end stages of life.


Another passion of mine is increasing chiropractic availability to children and young adults. It is unfortunate that only a small percentage of America's youth get an opportunity to experience chiropractic and the role it plays in the promotion of health. We have special arrangements for children of the parents under chiropractic care to be able to experience the amazing benefits of Chiropractic. If you have children and think they might benefit from Chiropractic, please call and ask about our kids program.