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Massage, heated stone massage, hot stone massage, pain relief, back pain, Massage near me
Chiropractic Clinic Services, providing care for Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton and the North Denver Metro Area.
Massage, heated stone massage, hot stone massage, pain relief, back pain, Massage near me
acupuncture, pain relief, back pain, acupuncture near me

Beyond Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, you can receive Acupuncture and Physical Therapy services, all within our office space!

Other Services

Jasmine Pearl Acupuncture offers acupuncture services within our office!

Acupuncture is a medicine that treats the whole person. It will treat symptoms and constitution of each person. Each treatment is tailored to the individual's needs, and it has been around since at least 2000 B.C. Acupuncture can treat most things you would go to a regular doctor for. Each treatment may also include a nutritional evaluation, auricular treatments, cupping, moxibustion, e-stim, guasha, or emotional healing.


About Leilani Houston-Barry:

My name is Leilani Houston-Barry & I have been practicing Acupuncture since 2014. I got interested in holistic medicine at age 14, and have found myself involved in medicine in one way or another since about age 21. I used Acupuncture to help my husband and I have a healthy baby boy in 2018. We like to spend our free time in the outdoors of Colorado. When
I'm not spending my time with my family, I love helping people find their health and happiness with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and energy healing. I have years of experience with Women's Health Issues, Fertility, Neck/Shoulder pain, Low Back Pain, Stomach issues and much more.

Jasmine Pearl Acupuncture

Continuum Myo and Wellness offers myofunctional therapy, strength and mobility services in our office!

Discover personalized well-being solutions rooted in myofunctional therapy, strength, and mobility. With a holistic approach, we craft tailored exercise programs to meet your unique needs, enhancing your overall vitality and preventing discomfort.


About Jessica Stepanian, PT, DPT, CFPS, CGCP:


Meet Jessica Stepanian, the driving force behind Continuum Myo and Wellness. With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and over 6 years of experience, Jessica is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through proper orofacial postures and movement patterns. Her expertise includes certifications as an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist (OMT), Certified Fall Prevention Specialist (CFPS), Certified Geriatric Care Provider (CGCP), and Kinesiotaping practitioner.


Jessica's extensive background, rooted in a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a

Bachelor's in Health Science, fuels her passion for your well-being. Join her on your

journey with Continuum Myo and Wellness to experience the benefits of her knowledge and dedication.

Services Available Onsite & Virtual within the United States:

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)

  • Noninvasive, enjoyable exercises for the orofacial complex (face, neck & throat). These exercises help create effective movement patterns to achieve proper breathing, quality sleep, and enhanced overall function. Designed for ages 5 years old and up.

  • Explore orofacial concerns such as TMJ pain, bruxism/clenching, chronic neck pain, headaches, mouth breathing, tongue/lip tie, poor posture, low tongue resting posture, sleep-disordered breathing, chronic fatigue, and more!

Thumbsucking Elimination

  • Discover our online "Thumbs Away" program, thoughtfully designed for children aged 2-5 years old, to help eliminate noxious oral habits like thumb and/or finger sucking.

  • Explore thumbsucking concerns such as dental problems, speech difficulties, social and emotional issues, changes in jaw development, and more!

Strength & Mobility

  • Exercises developed to promote strength and mobility to prevent dysfunctions. Exercises are customized to your needs and activity level.

  • Explore strength and mobility concerns such as joint pain, postpartum wellness, arthritis, muscle weakness, poor balance, and more.

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● Phone: 303-578-8228

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