Our Mission at Optimal Health Chiropractic

Our Goal:

Our mission is to help each individual restore and maintain a lifetime of optimal health. The tools used to accomplish this mission are specific chiropractic adjustments, ongoing education about true health, and an impeccable level of commitment.


Dr. Chris and Optimal Health Chiropractic hold true that individuals have the inborn ability to heal themselves when the body has optimal conditions to do so. Chiropractic helps create this condition by removing interferences to the nervous system allowing the body to do what it was innately created to do.

Our Purpose:

To meet and exceed every patient's expectations with timely, friendly, quality service with chiropractic care and education. Keeping with these tenants will promote our patients shifting towards a lifetime of optimal health.

To make our community the healthiest community on the planet one family at a time!

Dr. Chris has a proactive view on health care and believes we should do everything in our power to prevent disease processes in the body before they begin.  Dr. Chris feels strongly that if we are going to improve our health as a nation, it is important that we expand our approach and methods of maintaining health and preventing disease. Emphasis must shift from a "symptomatic" model of treatment to a "holistic" approach.


With that approach and the philosophy of individual responsibility in maintaining one's health, we can improve on our success at treating preventable disease rather than maintaining our current and costly emphasis on treatment provided at the end stages of life.

Our Team
Dr. Chris Stull, DC
Dr. Chris is the chiropractor in our office. He loves treating patients of all ages, from families to athletes to babies, everyone deserves to feel their best. You can learn more about Dr. Chris here!
Alexandra Anderson
Alex wears a lot of hats within our office! Besides being a wiz behind the front desk, she manages all of our insurance billing and can help you with any insurance questions that might pop up.
Kristen Stull
Chances are, it's Kristen greeting you behind the front desk when you come into our office. Besides helping you schedule your next appointment, Kristen is responsible for getting our name out in the community.